Within the Volpris project, with the support of the team from Bucharest-Jilava Penitentiary and the director Cristina Teoroc, Centrul pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente-CPIP has the opportunity to strengthen the collaboration with Pancevo Penitentiary and to facilitate the participation of 4 colleagues from the Security and Education departments in a 3-day short-term joint staff training organised this week.

On this occasion, participants will exchange practices, experience and knowledge of European volunteering through study visits and technical workshops.

In addition to Bucharest-Jilava Penitentiary’s strategies to promote volunteers’ wellbeing, participants will meet local Romanian prison volunteers / families of inmates and inmates to discuss best practices in the field of volunteering. In addition, the Deputy Director General of the National Administration of Penitentiaries, Dr. Ioana Morar, will be involved in dynamic discussions to highlight the national perspective on volunteering in the reintegration system.