This week our team participated in the training activity within the EIFNEG project „EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR NEW EUROPEAN GENERATION: Emotional Intelligence as a Basis for the Educational and Personal Development of the New European Generation” organized in Cordoba, Spain and hosted by Colegio Séneca S.C.A.

The full training aimed to test the practical activities and tools that were developed in the project:

Result 1 – THE SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT MENU, the premises of Colegio Séneca S.C.A. were visited and public and private sector personalities related to education were invited to share their experiences and actions to incorporate emotional education in the curriculum.

Result 2 – CHOOSING THE BEST INGREDIENTS, sociologists, psychologists and teachers were invited to share about their experience in developing training programmes and curricula.

Result 3 – THE COOKING AND THE FINAL TOUCH, coaches and facilitators present their views and practical examples of implementing tools and resources in the classroom to work on emotional intelligence.

In conclusion, the training in Cordoba was a pivotal moment in the EIFNEG project, bringing together theory and practice, and fostering collaboration among educators and professionals dedicated to shaping a generation empowered with emotional intelligence.