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Networking & Membership


How we decide to embrace external innovation will decide our future. There is significant innovation going on inside our teams, but the sparkle starts when we reunite with peers all over Europe


Why, at CPIP, do we network? To drive, progress, to gain expertise. Networks and partnerships are the cornerstone of our work, bringing lifelong learning experiences to local European communities


Networking is a matter of creating useful linkages, both within and among communities, organizations, and societies, in order to mobilize resources and achieve various goals. Networking is not just about what you know, but also who you know.

Our latest European cooperation activities in networking. They are the source of inspiration for our expertise:

The networks we are part of:

European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA)

The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) is the voice of non-formal adult education in Europe. EAEA is a European NGO Originally known as the European Bureau of Adult Education, EAEA was founded in 1953 by representatives from a number of European countries. The purpose of EAEA is to link and represent European organisations directly involved in adult learning with 133 member organisations in 43 countries and represents more than 60 million learners Europe-wide. EAEA promotes adult learning and access to and participation in non-formal adult education for all, particularly for groups currently under-represented.

European Prison Education Association (EPEA)

The EPEA is an organisation made up of prison educators, administrators, governors, researchers and other professionals, whose interests lie in promoting and developing education and related activities in prisons throughout Europe in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of Europe.
The EPEA is recognised by the Council of Europe as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). It is committed to working with prison administrators in Europe to further its aims, but is totally free-standing and independent. The EPEA has established itself as the European voice for prison education drawing its membership from over 40 countries.

Societal Network

More and more festivals, concerts, seminars, conferences, urban happenings, sports meetings animate the life of civil society in different regions of the country. Bringing together a large number of people in a relatively small space and for a short period of time, these events, by their ephemeral nature, have a long-term impact on the environment and the communities in which it takes place.
At a “Responsible Event” expect to find:

  • less polluting solutions for transport to the event site;
  • in the menu, local products or ecologically certified;
  • devices for streamlining energy consumption or reducing water consumption;
  • equipment for selective waste collection;
  • initiatives to promote human rights and universal values;
  • decent working conditions for people involved in the organization.
The Equality Inclusion Diversity Network (EDIN)

European Diversity and Inclusion Network is an international network for cooperation aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience in the field of diversity and diversity management in the workplace as well as promoting D&I directly in business and indirectly in socio-cultural environment.

EDIN Network involves organisations of different sectors (business, science, non-governmental and public) and of different size (small, medium and huge corporations) from all over Europe. This way they create international space for European cooperation for D&I.

EDIN is focused on the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of D&I, promoting effective solutions related to diversity management in business and spreading the idea of Diversity & Inclusion: promoting the benefits of working in diverse environment and implementing solutions that mitigate barriers for creating open and friendly workplace.

European Basic Skills Network, EBSN

The European Basic Skills Network, EBSN, is an association of policy level stakeholders engaged in basic skills training for adults.

Our objective: Promoting excellence in policy design and policy implementation, at European and national level, in a field that has considerable impact on education, employment, social inclusion, the fight against poverty, and sustainable economic growth.

The network’s main focus of attention is on five of the main basic skills: literacy, numeracy, digital competence, oral communication and second language for immigrants. Other skills, in particular entrepreneurship, soft skills and other key competences may be added to this list in the near future.

Our own inspiring contribution to the European family:

Would you like to join the network coordinated by CPIP?

Since 2015 CPIP is organizing and coordinating the Network of Lifelong Learning Professionals involved in European Project management – “NEW IDEAS FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES”. This is an informal network with over 50 partners form European Union, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Canada and United States. Our shared aims are:

  • increase the awareness of educational, societal and economic benefits of the grants awarded by the European Union in different context, in Europe and beyond
  • stimulate the debate, knowledge sharing and mutual learning to address lifelong learning related challenges and opportunity
  • identify impact-oriented strategies to boost the sustainable adult education and learning, vocational and work-based learning, institutional reform through the “learning organization” process, community engagement, and include all facets of lifelong learning in Europe
  • design a joint and consolidated action plan of communication activities
  • facilitate networking and collaboration between stakeholders
  • support the MS and regions in developing awareness, communication and education activities on responsible Project management, available opportunities and the impact EU programs have of community development


To have a successful project you need: professional partners, great ideas, resilience, and creativity. Great projects and great partners need to be known, through a quality dissemination plan. This is the key to success. Following this philosophy, the idea of creating the „NEW IDEAS NEW GOALS” Magazine was born, under the editorial bord of „EProjectConsult. Istituto Europeo Formazione e Ricerca”, an Italian NGO, its effort being visible for designing the content of the magazine. The Magazine includes members of the „NEW IDEAS FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES” Network and some of the most representative projects they wanted to spread the content.

Given these aspects, we are more than pleased to invite you to explore the magazine to find out the inspiring contribution of the Network members.

Would you like to be a partner in one of our future European projects?