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2Smile Project

Dear followers, the CPIP team is happy to share with you one of our new 
projects, 2SMILE programme which goal is to reduce school dropouts by 
designing and delivering  effective learning outcomes.

London, Kick off meeting 7th of December.

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Junior on the Job Coach programme

Dear followers, the CPIP team is happy to share with you one of our projects, Junior on the Job Coach programme which aim is to support students at risk who may be in danger of dropping out of apprenticeships or work placements.

Main result of the project is: a Junior on the Job Coach training programme who focuses on flexible workshops offered to high level students. The training programme tries to improve the skills competences of the students in different areas as: engagement, reliability, communication, problem solving etc.

If you are interested, you can find more details in our leaflet – download here.

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Staff-training event – Digi-S project
Between the 23 rd and 27 th of April 2018, the CPIP team participated in a staff-training event within the Digi-S project, held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Participants from six European countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and Turkey- were trained about “Digital literacy teaching to seniors”. Whether they want to socialize or to learn how to talk with their grandchildren on Skype, seniors need digital competences. That is what the staff training was about: what are the best methods to teach digital competences to seniors, taking into consideration their needs, challenges encountered, barriers in learning, or how the adults learn.

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APITHERAPY third project meeting

The 3rd project meeting on Apitherapy project was held during two working days, on 4th and 5th of December 2015. At the meeting were participating partners from four countries, Romania, Hungary, Turkey and Poland, together with experts in beekeeping from Turkey and Romania. Some of the discussed points on the agenda were: the development of the on-line platform, development of the hand-book and the preparation of multiplier events.
From CPIP team participated our managing director Rodica Pana, our Junior Researcher Andreea Micu, together with our two specialists in beekeeping: Flavius Huber and Laszlo Kardos. The meeting was hosted by our hungarian partner and took place in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary.

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EU BULLY resources

As part of the EU BULLY project, Titan and its partners are developing a range of resources for schools, community groups and parents to use as part of their anti-bullying programmes and actions. Please take a look at our guides and apps which can be used in classrooms or at home.

Using drama to address bullying: a Teacher’s Manual, written by InSite Drama

This manual has been devised to support the teacher training workshops delivered by InSite Drama, Hungary.

Download here

The EU BULLY Quiz Game

This multiple choice quiz challenges myths about bullying, raises awareness of tips to stay safe online, and asks the question: what should I do in a bullying situation? This game is an interactive and fun exercise to complement workshops and lessons on bullying, or can be set as a homework. Teachers have the ability to register their students and follow their progress on a number of topics.

Access the game and register your school at:

This game has been developed through consultation workshops with young people and hosted by Zammer Ltd.

The EU BULLY research survey app

Students can be part of the solution by adding their bullying stats to the EU BULLY  research survey app, completely anonymously. This research app is collecting information on the nature and spread of bullying across Europe and beyond to inform the EU and national policy researchers. You can download the app which includes a simple yet fun game to grab your students’ attention and start up the conversation about bullying.

Download from iTunes now!

Alternatively you can take survey here:



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EFCCP project

EFCC project on the “development of a European Framework of Competences for Community Professionals working in Gang Environments” approved for funding.

The project EFCC project promoted by “Fundação O Século” involving partners from Portugal, Romania, Lithuania and Italy on the development of a “European Framework of Competences for Community Professionals working in Gang Environments approved for funding” by the ERASMUS+ funding agency.

EFCCP is planning to identify the professionals supporting communities affected by gangs, identify their common characteristics in terms of competencies and develop a “navigation tool” presenting major areas of competencies, specialized competencies, proficiency levels connected to EQF and examples of knowledge / behavior / skills. This navigation tool will help all professionals understand what is needed to address gangs.

EFCCP objectives are:

  • to produce current and appropriate occupation / work profiles for those working with gangs and the impact of gang crime in communities across Europe, a profile relevant within each European partner country and against which new learning outcomes can be identified.
  • to identify in each partner country key sectors, organizations and job roles working within gang crime and with the impact of gang crime (police, probation, youth work, health, social services, education, communities).
  • to identify through desk and DACUM consultative research in each partner country the knowledge, skills and competences required to develop capacity and ensure improved and more successful engagements with gangs and gang members operating in order to reduce gang crime in the future.
  • to develop the European Framework of Competencies under the form of an interactive on-line tool capturing: major areas of competencies, specific competencies for each area, proficiency levels related to EQF and examples of knowledge/skills/attitudes. This will be the fundamental tool to give a common language between professionals, employers, VET providers and communities, in a context where even the definition of the problem is challenging: what is a gang for you and your community?

The partnership is composed by:

  • Fundação “O Século”, Portugal (promotor)
  • IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (Qualify Just IT solutions and Consulting), Portugal
  • CPIP Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente (Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning), Romania
  • Human Development and Social Integration Regional Center, Romania
  • Charity and support fund “Garstycios grudas”, Lithuania
  • Psychological support and counselling centre, Lithuania
  • University of Sassary, Italy
  • ISES Association, Italy
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Workshop Opening Up Education

On March 13, 2015 hours 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. will take place the workshop called “Opening Up Education” which will be held at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara.

This workshop is part of “Open Education Week” taking place this year on 9-13 March 2015. “Open Education Week” is an European initiative which aims to promote open education, a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide. Open Education combines the traditions of knowledge sharing and creation with 21st century technology to create a vast pool of openly shared educational resources.

Open Education seeks to intensify educational opportunities, taking advantage of the power of the Internet, which enables rapid and free dissemination and allows people to access knowledge around the world, to connect and collaborate with each other.

During the event our CPIP trainer, Sl.dr. ing. Mugur Mocofan will present the MLEARN project and some case studies and techniques of “mobile learning”.

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Child Protection Policy

Starting with 2015 CPIP adopted policy for child protection. For more information check the attachment.

Child Protection Policy

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EPALE Conference

Today, 26th of February, in Bucharest, takes place the EPALE Conference. It’s main discussion topics are adult education in Romania, continuing vocational training, legislation in the field, priorities and challenges identified in adult education and lifelong learning.

The conference is organized by the National Authority for Qualifications(ANC) and aims to promote EPALE platform, an electronic platform for adult education in Europe. The event is organized within the project “National EPALE Support Service for Romania”, no. 556787-EPP-1-2014-1-RO-EPPKA2-EPALE-NSS funded by the European Commission through the Executive Agency for Education, Culture and Audiovisual, the ERASMUS + Programme.

The EPALE platform objective is to improve the delivery and quality of adult education in Europe, to establish a strong pan-european sector of adult education and enable adult education professionals to meet the needs of adults. EPALE addresses to trainers, teachers, researchers, academics, policy makers and professionals in the field of adult education in Europe.

Rodica Pana, the Managing Director from CPIP, used the conference as an opportunity to disseminate our project EIS-ALP (European Induction Support for Adult Learning Professionals) and MLEARN (Training teachers to use mobile (hand held) technologies within mainstream school education). More information about the EIS-ALP project can already be found on the EPALE platform by accessing the following link:


IMG_20150226_090729 IMG_20150226_090811(1) IMG_20150226_093010 IMG_20150226_094625

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Eubully Workshop:prevention and combating of the phenomenon of bullying using theatrical improvisation with young people
Today, 18th of February, started the two day workshop under EUBBULY project organized by CPIP and lead by Ádám Bethlenfalvy and Ádám Cziboly. The two trainers are from the InSite Drama organization, Budapest, and they are experts in the field of preventing bullying through theatre and drama education.

The participants at this workshop are relevant persons from relevant institutions, organizations and associations such as: Timisoara and Arad Penitentiary, Buzias Reeducation Center, the Probation Service, Chamber of Commerce , Social Servicies and psychology field.

CPIP is represented by our researcher Alexandra Pana and our two trainers Florin Bacioiu and Paul Pistrui.




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MyCompass Conference

On October the 3rd 2014, was held the final conference of the project MyCompass – Key Competencies for Minor Offender Reintegration LLP-LDV-TOI-2012-EN-025, a project coordinated by the Centre for Promotion Lifelong Learning. This took place in Kaunas, Lithuania, and was organized by the Psychological Support and Counselling Centre, partner in the project MyCompass.

At the conference participated 143 specialists working in reintegration, education, social and psychological assistance from Romania, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and Lithuania. From Romania, at the invitation of coordinating organization, participated Mr. Director General of the National Penitentiary Administration, chief commissioner of prisons Catalin Claudiu BEJAN.

At the conference took place a panel discussion about reintegration for juvenile detainees and educational activities intended for them, and in the workshops was conducted practical work based on training materials developed under the project. General Manager Mr. Bejan gave a presentation about models of good practice for developing the skills to assist juvenile detainees and young people. The three workshops from the conference were moderated by:

• Reeducation Centre from Buzias, Eurosucces from Cyprus, Central Prison from Nicosia: Entrepreneurial Skills with a European perspective.
• Innovative Prison Systems Portugal: Transnational Piloting MyCompass model.
• Centre for Promoting Lifelong Learning: European co-financing as a tool for the development of education in penitentiary. More details can be found on the project website:

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