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Community-based resource centre for school systems to address students’ challenging behaviour

2SMILE proposal focuses on reducing the disparities in the learning outcomes of the educational experience of a child within the disadvantaged contexts, compared to the ones delivered in mass education.

The project is addressed to youth and children that are on the verge of dropping-out or have problems with violence, poverty, risky behavior, juvenile justice, social protection, migrant and immigrant families.

Throughout the partnership, it will be created a set of tools for the delivery of a training package for teachers:

  • “The learning kit” – related to an education model based on Student Centered and Outcomes based Learning approach. We plan to pilot and scale up a “how to” road map for a local community that wants to address the problem of its disadvantaged learners, to turn them into community assets.
  • Teachers training course development and implementation Supporting teachers and educators in handling conflicts and dealing with diversity. We will co-produce working methodology with teachers, pupils and community and the teachers will pilot it in the classroom for a whole academic year.
  • Build the “2SMILE Framework Implementation Guide” for dissemination a practical guide containing recommendation & advocating measures.

In the project are involved partners from different countries like: Portugal, Italy, Greece, Finland, Ireland and Romania.

The programme has an interdisciplinary approach but is also flexible in designing learning needs. It aims to provide high-quality education to youth at the risk of drop-out, to increase the partnership between youth and teachers, to provide tools of lifelong learning to this particular targeted group of youth, to provide concrete policy input during and beyond its lifetime.

Given the above it aims a fundamental change in all European Education System promote active learning and inclusive teaching by focusing on the student centered based learning approach.

The 2SMILE implementation phase is concluded and its final tools and products are completed. Please take a look at them on the links below:

IO1 2SMILE Report

IO2 2SMILE Learning Kit

IO2 2SMILE Training Guide

IO3 2SMILE Pilot Report

IO4 2SMILE Framework Implementation Guide

More information about our project you can find at the following links: