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E-Drivers project

European Driver Education in Road Safety

The purpose of E-DRIVERS project is to develop an education and training programme in order to alter the fundamental attitudes that exacerbate driving risks, focusing on self-awareness and understanding the circumstances that lead to safer driving. The E-DRIVERS project will address risky behaviours and social norms, particularly among pre-drivers and non-licensed illegal drivers. The rationale for E-DRIVERS project is a problem that is common to all European countries, with some countries experiencing higher levels of road traffic accidents than others, but with the same social and economic consequences.

There are examples of good practice road safety initiatives already in existence in some European countries. The E-DRIVERS project aims to share these good practices among the partners from 6 countries through European solutions for a European problem. “To help young people be safer on our roads, we need better driver training”. (BRAKE -charity for road safety 2015)