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Starting from the idea of stimulating economy and job growth, especially for small and medium size companies, to provide sources of employment recognizing self-employment as key to growth, the one of the main objectives of the project is to create opportunity for starting up business.

The Entrepreneurship Plan is especially addressed to female entrepreneurs, family business, liberal professions, migrants and senior entrepreneurs, considering also entrepreneurship everyone, also persons that are not classical entrepreneurs.

Starting-up for many people is the only chance for taking part actively in the labour-market, but not everyone can start-up, specific preconditions, knowledge, skills and competences are needed. However, starting-up is a risk that not many persons don’t dare to take. Only 37% of Europeans would like to be self-employed, compared to 51% of people in the US and China- among others because of a high potential for failure. In this context, the first target group will be women, youth, seniors, unemployed and people with disabilities and the second target group will address to the counselors/trainers.

The DISCOVER project offers a personal assessment, in combination with preparatory consultancy and online competence trainer. For the personal assessment, the ProfilPASS approach will be chosen and adapted. ProfilPASS is a portfolio for self-reflexion and validation of competences developed in Germany in 2002 by DIE- Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung – Leibniz-Zentrum für Lebenslanges Lernen.

Main objectives as a summary:

  • New-tool for the validation of competences relevant for start-up. The ProfilPASS in five languages;
  • Overview of entrepreneurial competences;
  • A manual for trainers and counselors working with unemployed interested in starting-up;
  • Trainings for counselors at national level;
  • Online materials for counselling in the field of entrepreneurship;
  • An online competence trainer with material focusing on the key competence “Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship”;
  • A face-to-face competence analysis/training;

Partners from five countries like Spain, Romania, Poland, Ireland and Germany will work together to produce high quality educational products. The impact of the project is to improve the chances for a successful foundation and a sustainable business through customized and individual support.

Further details abuot the DISCOVER project, you can find on the project Website. In addition, please consult the project Facebook page in order to find out articles closely related to the project idea.