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ALL IN Effective Linguistic and Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe 

The ALL IN project wants to help bridge the gap between what the policies read and promise and the reality of what is happening. Also, this project offers a solution to a widespread problem where we look at the role of both sides and where the end results will also benefit both of them; SOCIAL INCLUSION 

The ALL IN project is based on four main target groups: 

1) Language and culture teachers. 

2) Immigrant and refugee language and culture students in the process of integration. 

3) Institutions that offer language and training courses to adult immigrants and refugees. 

4) Members of the host society. 

ALL IN consortium brings together 6 organizations from 5 EU countries: Kirchner Management GmbH (Germany) SWIDEAS AB (Sweden), FORMACION PARA EL DESARROLLO E INSERCION (Spain), Babel Idioma y Cultura S.L. (Spain), VEREIN MULTIKULTURELL (Austria), ASOCIATIA CENTRUL PENTRU PROMOVAREA INVATARII PERMANENTE (Romania). 

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