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Developing Augmented Reality in Youth Offender Learning

Augmented Reality offers a whole range of benefits and a greater learner experience. With a computer you need to log on and then navigate to the resources, whether this be a link, a resource search or something on your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or portal. This is acceptable, but can be a long process and some of the immediacy can be lost in the process. Some learners can become distracted or do something completely different, risking losing attention and concentration. Using augmented reality you can link precisely and directly to resources eliminating these potential problems.

Augmented Reality can provide learners in youth offender learning with a more interactive way of learning, facilitate research, activities, instruction and information. These AR resources can give information on a range of
instructional and skills based topics that will be engaging and interesting. A ‘trial’ project of Augmented Reality will be needed in youth custodial establishments, with security and access a key factor and of major importance. The project will need to ensure that the resources are ‘locked’ from the outside world and access is monitored and within the security confines required for custodial institutions.

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