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Augmented Reality 2

Supporting Prison Learners to Prepare for Life on the Outside

The project aims:

  • Develop high quality resources using AR to engage learners, having access to specific resource topics, translated into their own native language.
  • Improve education results in offender institutions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of using AR resources
  • Meet security and access requirements, ensuring that the resources are ‘locked’ from the outside world and access is monitored within security guidelines
  • Extend and enhance the learner experience using an engaging tool that enables learners to access the content ‘at the point of need’
  • Widening participation for offender learners in partner countries as a result of production, dissemination and embedding of the AR resources


The project partners are:

  • Shrewsbury Colleges Group – the UK
  • Biblioteca Judeteana Antim Ivireanu Valcea – Romania
  • Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente Timisoara Asociatia – Romania
  • EHC Brussels (European Humanity Center Brussels) – Belgium
  • Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service – The UK


You can find more information at the project web page at: