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Birth of ideas

Birth of ideas

The “Birth of Ideas” will boost the entrepreneurship, presenting creative projects models and highlighting the responsible behaviour of many entrepreneurs who respect both today’s and the future needs of our rural zones, specially between young people in rural areas.

The project has a strong link with the European policies for employment and education. The “Europe 2020” strategy for growth and employment sets a target to achieve a 75% employment rate for the working-age population (20-64 years).  The European Commission acknowledges that growth and employment in Europe crucially depend on its population having the right skills.

The following objectives were defined by the project’s partners:

  • To train social and economic agents for promoting creativity and analyse rural experiences of entrepreneurs.
  • To facilitate access to social and economic agents training  by offering online learning based on Open Educational Resources (OERs) tailored for individual learners.
  • To foster the provision of adult learners’ key competences coherent with employment-related issues, particularly on the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.
  • To strengthen the capacities of adult education (AE) organisations active in the field of employment-related training to offer a high quality ICT-based training tailored for individual learners with disadvantaged background and fewer opportunities; such as rural youth
  • To raise awareness of the options offered by the rural heritage.
  • To help keeping the rural population and prevent migration to big cities.
  • To boost the economy of rural areas.
  • To improve the quality of life in rural areas.


  • Equipo Funámbula, SPAIN
  • ARID Lacjum, POLAND
  • Centrul pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente-CPIP, ROMANIA
  • Hof und Leben GmbH, GERMANY