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BWP – „Be without prejudice – a training project for prison staff for identifying and responding to discrimination in prisons”

The aim of the BWP project – „Be without prejudice – a training project for prison staff for identifying and responding to discrimination in prisons”, is to, through theoretical and practical aspects of the project implementation, trainees (prison staff) in the biennial cycle of adult education to acquire basic knowledge and skills in order:

-to recognize and respond to discrimination in their workplace and social environments from which they come;

-to acquire knowledge to identify and respond to discrimination in prisons and

-to master the mechanisms and techniques for overcoming discriminatory and conflict situations.

The project is designed and implemented by five partner organisations, from three different corners of Europe:

  • Kazneno popravni zavod Pozarevac Zabela – Serbia (Project coordinator)
  • Penitenciarul Timisoara – Romania
  • Centrul pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente – Romania
  • Penal Correctional Institute – Serbia
  • Zdruzhenie na gragjani IURIDICA PRIMA Skopje – North Macedonia

The project is based on three Intellectual Outputsnamely: 

IO1: „Publication of the manual “Sensitive Oriented Operations” for Prison Staff in Serbian and EnglishLearning/teaching/trainingmaterial–Academic / scientific publication”

-The  manual includes  an  analysis  of  the  system  of  execution  of criminal  sanctions  of  the  Republic  of  Serbia  with  an  emphasis  on  work  in  the  convicted  population  and community and the concept of human security as a proactive approach in solving discrimination.

IO2: „Patenting and certification of training programs Recognition and response to discrimination in prisons Course”

IO3: The movie “Second Chance”

– This is the first film that deals with discrimination against vulnerable and marginalized groups in prisons. At the same time, this is the first film of this type in the Western Balkans. The film will be available in English and shared via YouTube, but also sent to prisons in several countries.

Please consult the Facebook page as well as the LinkedIn page in order to find out specific details on the project progress.