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Competences Before Diplomas – CompB4D

The overall aim of the project is to identify and develop possible ways of recognition and validation of competences acquired by non-formal and informal settings, especially with left behind adult learners and other disadvantaged target groups, mainly through the use of a Validation Portfolio.

The project consortium is composed of seven organisations from seven European countries:

  • AGIS, NOTE et INNOVE – France (Lead Partner)
  • Redial Partnership CLG – Ireland
  • ICEP s.r.o. – Slovakia
  • Agrupamento de Escolas nº 2 de Beja – Portugal
  • A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd – Cyprus


Project Results

  • Validation of informal and non- formal learning – Analysis of European and National Scenarios

-A practical and user-friendly Study Report focusing both on a European overview and on each partner country’s national data regarding processes, institutions and concepts of Validation of non-formal and informal learning, especially in terms of Key Competences in the field of Adult Education

  • Training Curriculum on the Key competences for Lifelong Learning

-The training curriculum is aimed to empower adult educators, through a pool of activities (divided by modules addressing each key competence), that will guide educators to identify and unveil their learners’ competences (knowledges, skills and attitudes), to train them in each key competence and help their learners identify their strengths and weaknesses, raise their awareness and self-esteem.

  • New Validation Portfolio in Practice

-The purpose of this Result is to provide a structured opportunity to validate the competences acquired through the use of the project’s tools and methodologies developed through a New Validation Portfolio. This process is intended as a certification of the competences gained in a non-formal learning environment.

  • Guidelines and Recommendations on validation processes

-The result will gather all the project activities results and achievements and will inspire the design of a clear, concise, complete and easy to read policy recommendation document.

  • CBD Interactive Validation Tool

-This result is an Open Educational Resource (OER) aiming to support facilitators, educators and trainers to enable adult learners to validate their competences acquired through informal and non-formal education, by using innovative and interactive methods to engage and motivate learners in identifying and validating their acquired knowledge, skills and competences through a portfolio-based methodology.

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