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COFFE – Project

EU Skills Panorama Analytical Highlight (December 2012) finds five crucial key skills, Entrepreneurial initiative is one of which. It is defined as capacity to identify opportunities in the market and create new business. In 2011 30,7 million people were self employed among EU-27 working age population (15-64), an increase of 6% since 2002. However, in global comparisons, Europeans are below the global average in terms of seeing good opportunities to start a business and possessing the skills to do so.

COFFE project proposes transferring and modernizing an on-line tool “Simulation enterprise”, dedicated to vocational school students which enables users to run virtual enterprise producing mobile phones and manage it in an environment reflecting real economic conditions. The game is concentrated on developing entrepreneurial skills and encouraging users to run in the future own business.

The main aims and objectives of the project are:

  • increasing knowledge on enterprise functioning and enterprise management,
  • raising awareness in the field of contemporary economic conditions in Poland and other partner countries,
  • helping game users to develop entrepreneurship and use this knowledge for learning and developing competences from areas: entrepreneurship, mathematics, ICT and foreign languages,
  • raising awareness amongst key stakeholders in the field of key competences which are necessary to possess to get employed.


COFFE project is a partnership of six organizations and institutions, which are: educational institution (University of Economics and Innovation, Poland and GEA College, Slovenia), non-governmental organization (OIC Poland), counseling services and career guidance (CPIP Romania), chambers of commerce (Cambra Tarrasa from Spain) and research centres (RCI, Cyprus). The consortium partners are familiar with issues connected with developing entrepreneurial attitudes as well as experienced in multilateral projects within LLP Programme as all of them participated previously in LLP, either as leading partner or as a partner organization/institution.

The project will cause an increase of entrepreneurial attitudes amongst young people (mainly vocational school students) and other interested in development their entrepreneurial skills, increase their knowledge from macro-economy as well as popularize using modern training methods (e-learning and simulation games) which are recently becoming more attractive and effective. All partners will also seek to promote the tool to wider audience thanks to using their existing national and foreign networks and partnerships, both during and after EU funding.

The impact of the project will be to:

  • Develop on-line simulation game, designed for specific purpose and target group,
  • Develop tool settings which will reflect economical conditions of partner countries,
  • Use modern technologies to make the training process as attractive as possible,

Promote entrepreneurship, innovativeness and self-employment.


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