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Title: Convicts: growing of competencies

Project Number: 2021-1-LT02-KA220-YOU-000028618

Through this project, we aim to contribute to the consolidation of youth policy by promoting the social inclusion of the target group, with the help of qualified youth workers, who will help young people to develop social skills, develop a sense of citizenship and democratic values. In the long run, this project will contribute to economic stability and growth, as those sentenced to imprisonment will reintegrate into the community and the labor market and become value-added creators.

To achieve this goal, we set the following tasks:

  • To analyse the reintegration programs applied by partners and socially advanced counties for convicts or young people who made a crime in the integration and the methods of reintegration of young convicts;
  •  To assess the readiness of youth workers to assist those sentenced to imprisonment in the reintegration process and to establish the role of the youth worker in the reintegration process by creating inter-institutional cooperation networks;
  • To develop, apply and evaluate the methodology of developing social skills of young convicts;
  • To publicize and promote the results of the project prepared for further use, to continue the activities started during the project and to maintain the established cooperation relations.


After the implementation of the project:

  • raise awareness of partner organizations and youth workers in the partner country when working with young people sentenced to imprisonment or young people prone to crime;
  • the quality of cooperation between youth workers’ organizations and staff in different sectors will improve;
  • the quality of work with young convicts or offenders and the competences of youth workers will improve;
  • the matching of opportunities and needs of participating young people with the labor market will be improved;
  • the basic and universal skills of the young people involved will be improved;
  • the methodology of developing social skills will continue to be used in working with young convicts and young people prone to delinquency (prevention and intervention).