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DivErSity and Tolerance IN E-Environment

DESTINE seeks to answer the challenge of raising the issues of diversity and tolerance within an online and distance learning environment and aims to build the skills and competences of VET teachers, trainers, mentors in this field.


  • Building and strengthening competences and capacities of VET Educators, Providers and teachers in the deployment of online resources facilitating a diversity tolerant environment in the e-classroom.
  • Promoting a diversity tolerant environment in the e-classroom using blended educational methods (formal, informal, creative).
  • Development of innovative activities, tools and educational methods with main focus on diversity, tolerance and inclusion, responding to the needs of the e-classroom.
  • Support of transnational educational institutions (universities, institutes, VET providers) adapt in diversity tolerant digital learning.
  • Reinforce the ability of VET providers to provide high quality diversity tolerant digital education.




Over the lifetime of the project, the project consortium will achieve the following results:

First Result: Development of an innovative diversity tolerant e-environment

  • This result aims at collecting data and analyze the already existing best practices, methods and techniques of diversity tolerant and inclusive learning applied in the traditional setting of the classroom and implemented by the partners or members of their networks.


Second Result: Creation of a set of innovative activities, tools and educational diversity tolerant methods adapted to a virtual classroom curriculum and the e-platform

  • During the implementation of this result we are going to design and deliver activities, tools and methods implemented in the traditional classrooms and the way in which this material could be transferred in the e-classroom environment and appealing Open Educational Resources for the training of teachers/trainers/educators and mentors.


Third Result: Design and Implementation of a Peer Learning Activity

  •  After the Peer Learning Activity, it is supposed that the target audience will have:

-Increased digital skills

-Better understanding of the e-classroom environment

-Easier access to the E-Learning Platform and in the OERs

-Better overview of the new material, methods and techniques produces regarding diversity tolerant e-learning environment.

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