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The aim

With this project, our institutions aim to develop and implement innovation in the field of digital literacy which is our need by producing quality and concrete learning outputs for elderly citizens over 65 years old. Our project will start on 11.12.2017 and end on 10.12.2019.

120 seniors will be trained in their own countries, results will be assessed and tested and dissemination activities will be organized.

Main objectives as a summary;

  • Increasing digital competencies for our elderly citizens aged 65 and over who are our primary target;
  • Social integration of elderly people isolated from society in technological sense;
  • Encouraging learning to learn, developing social and civil skills;
  • Increasing awareness of cultural identity and Europeanism;
  • Saving time and personnel and resources by avoiding unnecessary use of resources;
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation at every stage of education and training;
  • Equality, social solidarity and active citizenship;
  • Increase quality and productivity in education and training;
  • Ensure lifelong learning participation of at least 15% of adults.

Nine Project Partners, from six countries, will work together for the benefit of elderly people. The partner countries are Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Greece and Lithuania.

At the end of the project, our participants will gain experiences in all kinds of professional knowledge, practice and observation skills required for the implementation of the project “Basic Digital Competencies for Adults” with the ‘flexible teaching method ‘and ‘smart application’ to be developed.

Project presentation flyer – download .pdf file