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Dyslexia Compass

Dyslexia Compass

The „Dyslexia Compass” project aims to combat the negative implications of undiagnosed dyslexia on children’s and older students’ cognitive development, and consequent unnecessary strains on national education systems. Dyslexia Compass project will take significant steps towards reducing the impacts of the ‘Matthews Effect’ on development, mental health and inclusion of dyslexic children, especially those from migrant or disadvantaged backgrounds.

The project consortium brings together five organisations from five corners of Europe:

  • YORK ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED from United Kingdom (Project Coordinator)
  • Nome videregående skole, avd. Lunde from Norway
  • Babel Idioma y Cultura S.L. from Spain
  • Omolab komunikacije d.o.o. from Croatia


Three Intellectual Outputs will be developed, tested and multiplied within the project:

IO1: Literacy testing across languages

European report describing current tools used to measure dyslexia, which will contribute to greater pan-European knowledge of practices for measuring literacy

IO2: Standard Tools

The goal of this intellectual output is to produce a training guide on the various tools available to measure dyslexia with higher efficiency, how to properly implement them, and the recommended threshold for proper / improper literacy to establish someone as dyslexic.

IO3: Standard tool (pitching their tool)

IO3 focuses on designing and creating a singular tool for measuring rates of dyslexia, complete with operating procedures, thresholds and translation into European cluster languages.