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E-MotiOn project promotes inclusion, equal participation for all, and diversity in school education. At the heart of our project is a focus on supporting students with fewer opportunities, including those experiencing emotional and behavioral problems. Through innovative activities and evidence-based practices, we aim to equip teachers with the tools to address diverse needs and unlock every student’s full potential.

Main objectives:

  • Support teachers and students on the development of key emotional competences.
  • Promote multidisciplinary approach at schools by using innovative creative activities.
  • Develop linguistic, artistic, and music creativity.
  • Support teachers in applying nonformal educational methods in classrooms.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of emotional education.


Project results:

  • national reports on detecting main obstacles linked to key emotional competecnes,
  • a developed kit with 60 creative activities, organised training activities,
  • piloted activities in all partner countries, and
  • 4 national events for sharing and promoting results.


Project Coordinator: 84 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL VASIL LEVSKI, Bulgaria

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