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Education, Training and lifelong learning as dynamic interventions to promote Inclusion and common values in Correctional Justice for minors and young adults with educative challenges 

EDUPRIS project is focused on reducing the disparities in the learning outcomes of the educational experience of a young offender, support reaching quality educational outcomes by integrated methods, support the multidisciplinary approach and promote the essential role of education in criminal correctional justice.   

The purpose of EDUPRIS project is to set up and upscale a specific working method for educators working in juvenile justice (staff belonging to the Ministries of Justice, delivering educative activities outside of standard curricula).  

The project is gathering partners from 6 EU countries: West University of Timisoara (Romania) Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente (Romania) Gherla Prison (Romania) UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI SASSARI (Italy) Association ARID (Poland) Pontifical University of John Paul II (Poland), Stitching Foundation ICPA Office in Europe (Netherlands) Aproximar, Cooperativa de  Solidariedade  Social (Portugal), Merseyside Expanding Horizons (UK).

If you are interested in finding out further details about EDUPRIS project, please consult the Website, the Facebook page as well as the LinkedIn page of the project.