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EIS ALP is a dynamic and innovative partnership committed to develop prison education throughout Europe. Our experience with LLP successful initiatives concerning education in detention (individually and collaboratively) revealed that the missing link towards a truly developed sector is the specific teacher education and training for teaching in prison settings.

Diligent study shows that at both European and national level, there is no consistent approach to what a prison teacher is, what the key skills are and how to assist best adult learning professionals in becoming one. Therefore, we take the challenge to show that a mix of public institutions and private organizations can turn a potentially disadvantaged profession into a successful and rewarding qualification by providing tailored resources through common initiatives and collaboration.

One of the most important aspects of this consortium is the presence of organizations directly in contact with the end-users of EIS ALP: adult learning professionals. The tools we develop, implement and asses as part of the project tackle various levels of inmates’ education in a lifelong learning framework. The key for effective learning professionals working in correctional criminal justice system is working with teachers even before they enter the system. Consequently, a key competences profile will be provided and we aim to take the ‘regular’ adult educators on a discovery journey in becoming prison teachers who can self-assess and develop further. The induction support materials will complement trainings, virtual resources and managerial improvement strategies towards consistent progress in the professionalization of correctional education.

We will base our work on participatory intervention of stakeholders in identifying problems and solutions, so instead of an unilateral partnership approach we follow the good governance principles.
Furthermore, the positive use of differences between the 5 member countries involved and the wide geographical coverage are crucial for successful policy and practical development. The final outcome will be better educated inmates, with higher chances of successful reintegration.

The project was designed with a sustainable development strategy that can offer a EU model not only through its results, but also through its responsible management approach.