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Emotional Employment

EMOTIONAL EMPLOYMENT. Alternative skills and resources for job searching

The purpose of Emotional Employment project is to promote emotional intelligence skills as means for increasing the levels of employability in a new economic and social scenario. The “interpersonal” and “intrapersonal” intelligences are required, referring to the way the individual manages his own emotions and how he does it with others’ emotions.  This fact is remarkable in sectors such as first job searchers, long-term unemployed or lowed skills adults looking for a reinsertion in the labor market.

The old strategies and skills are giving place to new ones, in a context where even the concept of intelligence or competence (the capacity, knowledge or ability we acquire to solve a problem) has changed. And obviously, this has affected the working world, independently of the field we are referring to. Job searchers and counselors are obliged to develop new skills and strategies for a new market. Here is the place for projects involving Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills, an extra weapon to keep and improve employability.