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Empowering Digital Competences of Teachers with Designing Digital Learning Materials Through Gamification

Objectives and concrete results of the project are:

  • Empower teachers’ digital competence for designing, implementing, modifying and reflecting on innovative digital teaching materials.
  • Develop a gamification based learning management system embedded within micro-credential framework for supporting development of teachers’ digital competence.
  • Create online learning materials for supporting teachers’ development of digital competence.
  • Create online guidelines for teachers.
  • Facilitate discussion and sharing of knowledge and practices among teachers locally and internationally via interactive community space.
  • Investigate and explore pedagogically effective ways of integrating digital learning materials into online learning environments to keep students motivated and enrich deep learning.


By developing a gamification based learning management system as well as creating online learning materials, we expect to address the priority of stimulating teachers’ innovative learning and teaching practices. These materials and learning environment will facilitate teachers’ digital competences by engaging them in creating and using digital tools.

We think that our proposal also has a strong potential impact on education by creating a sustainable online learning management system with gamification and micro-credential features which make possible collaboration among teachers to create pedagogically sound and innovative digital learning materials. In today’s world of rapid digitalization, you can make education systems structurally suitable for this digitalization process.

This project will offer certifiable, sustainable, interactive and open access online learning platform for teachers to empower their’ teaching skills with creating innovative digital learning materials for various teaching contexts including online and distance education settings. Thus, our primary target group for this project is teachers in various fields and at various levels.

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