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Entrepreneurs 7×21

Entrepreneurs 7×21
“Innovative Training System For Young Entrepreneurs base on case studies. ENTREPRENEURS 7×21”

A number of analyzed studies link entrepreneurship to growth and economic development of a region. However, for this to happen, entrepreneurs able and willing to create and develop businesses are required, as well as training institutions enhance and encourage the realization of new business projects. Therefore, effective initiatives in relation to training in entrepreneurship will become increasingly important for the expansion of entrepreneurs in the economy.

The project plans to develop 7 key competences for the entrepreneurial future through a series of training programs, called “pills entrepreneurship” and a guide of 21 real experiences of entrepreneurs which demonstrate 7 key skills competencies to set an example of good practice in entrepreneurial future.

The overall objective of this project is to increase the training of future entrepreneurs through a number of adapted innovative training programs and through a good practice guide with 21 real success stories.

Specific Objectives:

  • Identify the key competencies required to form a successful entrepreneur
  • Create a methodology for training in the 7 key competences
  • Develop innovative content for the TRAINING ON the 7 key competences
  • Identify best practices through 21 successful entrepreneurs in the project partners countries


The consortium is formed of the following partners:

  • Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning (CPIP) – Romania
  • The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts (AMSP CR) –  Czech Republic
  • Career Development and Integration (DEFOIN) – Spain
  • Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI) – Lithuania
  • ECIPAR soc cons a r l – Italy
  • Business Play Europe (BPE)– Poland
  • Universidad de Cordoba (UCO) – Spain