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The general aim is to develop training methodology framework in order to promote social inclusion of the young ex/offenders who are in the double disadvantaged groups, by contributing to creating inclusive and innovative spiritual counselling environments that foster equity and equality, and that are responsive to the needs of the wider community.

The specific objectives are:

  • Establishing a survey platform and executing field analysis to examine the studies conducted in Europe and Turkey on the spiritual counselling services provided to young people who have committed crimes.
  • Collecting a set of good examples of SCM’s in European prisons as well as other educational bodies dealing with young ex-offender education to make a base for creating a science based transnational SCM.
  • Developing an applicable science-based transnational methodological framework (together with its tools like spiritual well-being scale for young ex/offenders) on SCM’s in prison and in probation institution context to promote social inclusion and to aim at improving the spiritual counseling services for the young prisoners.
  • Preparing an open-access and accessible online science-based spiritual counselling methodology tool for young ex/prisoners to share and promote the results of the project


2 main target groups:

1) Young prisoners, currently in the prison and exprisoner at the age of 14-18, who require a holistic rehabilitation and resocialization/ social inclusion spiritual counselling and/or support approach to solve the internal or external conflicts for their inner peace, to be self-motivated and to be rehabilitated individuals for social inclusion.

2) Spiritual counselling professionals; social workers, psychologists, sociologists working with young ex/prisoners.

Project partners: