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Families exclusion

Families exclusion

This project aims to create a programme that will actively support mothers and children residing in domestic violence refuge settings or other places of safety to combat social exclusion. The problem of the „social exclusion” or „social isolation” is very common in our days, and it’s including a wide range of issues.

The project aim will be achieved via the following objectives:

• identify key existing provision and best practice;
• develop a programme for use in refuges/places of safety in different national contexts;
• engage with key stakeholders to inform the new programme:
• identify a range of resources to support to facilitate stable, sustainable family relationships;
• identify a range of activities to combat social exclusion of women and their children;
• encompass lessons from piloting the programme for use in refuges/places of safety.

The programme is expected to help families gain active life-skills and build confidence to participate in community activities needed for the healthy reintegration into mainstream society while challenging experiences of negative and abusive behaviour. The programme will work directly to support family and peer relationship and also it will provide learning activities, supported free play, educational trips and communal food activities to create positive memories for families.

The project will develop a range of resources for use with the programme in different national contexts. A programme manua

l will be developed that outlines the structure of the programme and suggests resources and activities. The proposed programme will be a valuable resource for smoothing the transition from home to refuge/places of safety and from refuge to community for mothers and their children.The proposed project actively supports mothers and children residing in domestic violence refuges/places of safety. The project focuses on challenging attitudes and behaviour of women and their children to combat social isolation and empower them in their future relationships. The project will:

• implement a programme for mothers and children who have recently escaped from situations of DVA.
• share learning by engaging with partners across Europe; identify and exchange good practice.
• build capacity by training a group of professionals to use the programme in refuges/ places of safety.

Families exclusion project combines partners from 6 European countries like United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Romania and Austria.

For additional information about the project, we kindly invite you to visit the project Website as well as the project Facebook page.