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The FCREATIVITIES project is focused on the improvement of four creativities: mathematical, linguistic, scientific and artistic. In short, this project will create a compendium of 24 portfolios with descriptions of creative activities to be carried out in the classroom. With these activities, the motivation and interest of the students aged between 10 to 12 years old to learn should increase as well as their long-term desire to stay in the educational system. 

Creativity is directly linked to motivation, hence promoting the wish of students to attend school. Moreover, creativity is acquiring more relevance in today’s world and for this, schools should be created with creativity in mind in order to educate people to maximize their potential. To do this, teachers should use strategies to assist not only verbal, analytic and abstract operations, but also strategies to assist non-verbal, spatial, analogic and aesthetic operations, proper of divergent thinking.  

The aim of FCREAITIVITIES is to improve the teachers’ abilities to generate a creative education, leading to the creation of students who are able to think, analyse and solve daily problems. This type of creative education is based on the teachers’ intervention, in their open attitude to students who ask, experiment, explore and try new ideas. 

Our project mainly focuses on the improvement of students’ participation as well as the promotion of student’s creativity, self-knowledge and motivation. According to previous research, students lacking these could be facing risk of demotivation and as a consequence, drop-out and isolation. 

The partnership of the FCREATIVITIES project combines the efforts of 8 organizations (4 schools and 4 training providers) from Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania and Spain, in an attempt to create an innovative education tool to support teachers in their daily tasks.