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Innovative Blended Language Upskilling

Agreement No. 2022-1-RS01-KA220-ADU-000090189

Innovative Blended Language Upskilling – I-BLU aims to provide an innovative learning tool for adult learners of English and seeks to empower the language teaching professionals in the provision of quality language courses.

It is important for language organisations to continue their offering of high quality, evidence-based teaching for learners and training for teachers using blended learning methodology. This project will meet this vital need and will also allow us to make this developmental support available to a much wider number of teachers and adult learners Europe-wide.

Unlike other blended courses, I-BLU incorporates both a taxonomy of adult learners’ types and a teacher training component with an equal emphasis on the methodology, learner needs, digital skills and soft skills.

In order to facilitate more effective language learning through independent free digital means, the project places an equal focus on the learner’s needs and learning styles, as well as on familiarising teachers with the blended resources and developing strategies and methodologies for successful mediation between the learning content and the language learner.

Digital transformation, changes in communication and learning styles, enhanced flexibility and ease of access, inclusive dimension and alignment with CEFR are some of the elements to I-BLU that would not be possible without a joint international effort of the five project partners: Babel Idiomas from Spain, Blackbird from Serbia, CPIP from Romania, Jantar from Croatia and LUV from Slovenia.

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