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Junior Job Coach

Junior on the Job Coach project

The aim of Junior On The Job Coach project is to combat the human and financial cost of Early School/College Leaving (ESL). The project is designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work-based learning and apprenticeships, offer leadership opportunities to higher-level students, and support employers in providing work placements and apprenticeships. Young people recognise the importance of apprenticeships and are keen to move on to a job through work placement and apprenticeship.

On the other hand, the Junior on the Job Coach project promotes a highly innovative approach of developing a well researched and structured system of peer support for students/apprentices in the workplace. This project aims to maximise VET (Vocational Education and Training) completion and success rates and reduce drop-out by training higher level VET students to provide appropriate job related and personal advice and guidance to young people who are at risk of not define their potential within the workplace.