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LAY TEACHERS – Supporting non-professional teachers to introduce migrants and refugees to national languages

The aim of LAY TEACHERS project it is to support non-professional teachers, like volunteers who collaborate with adult education providers and civil society organizations who assist migrants and refugees, also known as Lay Teachers, with innovative and adequate non-conventional teaching learning methods and resources tailor made to introduce refugees to the national languages.  

The project is aligned with the adult education sectorial priority: „Extending and developing educator`s competences” but also with the Horizontal priority „Social Inclusion”. 

LAY TEACHERS project is innovative in several and complementary elements, designing new tailor-made tools and resources to addressed the identified needs and gaps, combining innovation in pedagogies, technologies and processes.  

Target users of the users: non-professional teachers and volunteers working with adult education providers and civil society organisations from Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain. 

Target beneficiaries of the project: migrants and refugees from Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain.  

There are participating partners on the project, coming from 5 different European countriesSpain, Romania, Greece, Italy and Ireland.