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NOVA – Flipped studio “Successful Innovator”

The aim of the project is to empower adult learners to be successful innovators in the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) under the umbrella of COVID-19 crisis. The project develops the flipped studio “Successful Innovator” to create learners’ awareness about innovation solutions in the CCS during COVID-19, deepen knowledge on five competences and coherent to them skills and finally, empower learners to become the successful innovators in CCS and to be integrated to the society by getting employed, self-employed or become the volunteers in CCS.

The project consortium is composed of six organisations from five EU countries:

  • SOCIALINIU INOVACIJU FONDAS from Lithuania (Project coordinator)
  • CESIE from Italy
  • SDRUDZENIE ZNAM I MOGA from Bulgaria
  • Birštono kultūros centras from Lithuania

Four Intellectual Outputs will be developed and tested within the project, namely:

IO1 Set of innovative solutions in CCS during COVID-19

-The aim of O1 is to stimulate European awareness of innovative solutions in CCS during the COVID-19 and empower learners to be successful innovators in their local environment.

IO2 The flipped studio “Successful innovator”

-O2 is innovative as it is based on modern flipped studio methodology for developing five main competences to increase learners’ capacity to think and act in innovative ways, thus contributes to the recovery, resilience of the cultural and creative sectors.

IO3 Assessment tool for recognition of innovator’s competences

-The aim of O3 is to develop the assessment tool to recognise the competences and skills of being a successful innovator. This output corresponds to the project objectives: to develop an assessment tool to track the progress of adult learners to become the successful innovator in CCS.

IO4 e-Toolkit for adult educators “Modern flipped studio

-The O4 is dedicated to the development of the e-Toolkit for adult educators in order to develop their competences in running the flipped studio. O4 corresponds to the project objective: to support adult educators in effective running the flipped studio “Successful Innovator”.