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PRACTICE aims at the transfer of an innovative training solution, already tested on a previous Leonardo da Vinci project, which will increase access to Lifelong Learning opportunities for Rural Development Agents (RDAs).

Transfer will take place on 6 European countries (Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Latvia and Slovakia) where there is a limited offer of specialised training aimed at this group, even though they are to shortly implement Rural Development Programmes under the EC’s Structural Funds, that require the agencies of RDAs (LEADER strategy).

The proposed Transfer of Innovation is threefold:

  1. 1.Transfer of the PRATICE tool, a blended learning distance and tutoring self-learning methodology and platform based upon ICTs (e-learning).
  2. Transfer of the Training Modules specifically aimed at the competences needed by RDAs.
  3. Transfer of the methodology for the development of new Training Modules and for the adaptation of the Practice tool for further Training offer addressed to other disadvantaged groups.

The project contributes to increase the access, the attractiveness and the quality for lifelong learning opportunities of an isolated group, RDAs who through the Practice tool will benefit from improved competences for the fostering of rural development strategies that will promote entrepreneurship, creativity, employability and competitiveness in rural settings.