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Is a project of a cultural nature aiming at building on implementing successful models to prevent violent radicalization and promoting democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship which help integrate immigrant Islamic communities within European communities.

The organizations included in the project share similar problems and challenges, however there are differences in terms of perspectives, actors, and methods to work with the target groups.

Starting from issues in Italian settings related to immigrant of Muslim origins, the project tried to address the intercultural integration solution, by finding ways for better integration of the immigration in the receiving country through accommodation with local culture, as by developing a better understanding from the part of the local population and stances of the immigrants culture (behaviours, beliefs, practices). Focusing on unlawful behaviours produced by the newcomers of Muslim origins in Italy, the project started as an experiment in an Italian prison, and intends, after acquiring experience and getting assured of positive effects, to upscale the project to new recipients, to new areas of services with/ for immigrants, at national level in each partner country and at European level.

The purpose of the REM project is to prepare interventions where the Muslim immigrants might be in their particular immigration course (and risk to create enclaves or to break the host countrie rules): Educative Centers, Prisons, hosting communities. The interventions follow a particular approach in promoting the citizenship, centred on knowledge of the Principles of the Constitution of the host country, on the same time relying on the linguistic and cultural heritage of the immigrants. In counterpart, the organizations and institutions of the project need to improve their ability to train migrants in the idea of democratic values and fundamental rights which are the basis of European countries.

For that purpose, the project plans to :

  • Produce specific training modules/ instruments
  • Create networks of expertise able both to transform the material in training courses and itineraries and to spread the result to the European institutions operating in the same type of contexts.

For the development of the project, partners are supposed to apply the local realities and to involve local associations, schools and service operators with immigrants. CPIP will be particularly involved in the project activities by developing an implementation methodology and in sketching analysis and synthesis instruments for national policies on immigration subjects. The organization will supervise the creation a Base line Survey implemented in each partner country using teaching methodologies in order to prevent radicalization in various social environments.