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Schools 4 Inclusion

Our project 

The “Schools 4 Inclusion” project proposes the elaboration of an effective strategy for the evolvement of the school into an inclusive environment, conductive to the successful integration of children of migrant background.

Our Activities 

Intelectual Outputs

Output 1: The Inclusive Schools Methodology

Intellectual Output 1 aspires at the development of an Inclusive School Methodology. The objective of this output is the development of an analytic prescription on how the school can develop and implement a comprehensive school wide reform that aims to deal successfully and in an integrated manner with the promotion of the access to education and the improvement of the educational outcomes of migrant, refugee, asylum seeking students and unaccompanied minors.

This Intellectual Output is comprised of the following distinct components:

[a]. The “Inclusive Education” Guidelines

[b]. The “Inclusive Education School” Action Plans

Output 2 – The “Inclusive Education” Online Toolkit – The Toolbox of Activities, Tools and Templates

The Inclusive Education Online Toolkit will address two (2) main areas which are identified as crucial in educators’ capacity to the successfully implement an inclusive education methodology in their school environment:

[a]. The first relates to the equipment of the educators with all the tools that will facilitate the implementation of an Inclusive Education approach in their school.

[b]. The second relates to the development on the part of their educators of their ability to communicate with their migrant students in their mother tongue.

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