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SCRIPT – Supporting Coproduction of Resources Participative Theatre

Sociological and criminological studies regarding the means of decreasing criminal opportunities show that acquiring new capacities, responsibilities and values reduces acceptance and attractivity of criminality, while new social roles, increased social inclusion and connection reduce criminal opportunities; these new achievements are regarded as valuable and result in a new self image and self perception.

SCRIPT will sustain and improve the quality of outreach youth work in the development of certain long lasting abilities of socially excluded young people, thus contributing to the improvement of the educational and emotional training of these young people, who want to fulfil their potential, becoming more inclusive citizens and to attend alternative forms of informal/formal education, volunteering  and employment.

Starting in November 2018, using a combination of multimedia, drama and performance, SCRIPT can be applied in many environments, including correctional centres, prisons, and community centres. The project partners will collaborate in the coproduction of a brand new, unique multimedia Drama informal learning program which will nurture and develop the learning and emotional needs of Europe’s most excluded young people.