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The overall objective is to develop an educational digital programme that allows prisoners to acquire digital skills that can be exploited once out of jail.

The project aims at increasing the digital skills of the inmates and at starting a form of collaboration at European level in this field.

Indeed, the launch of a European network in this sector could represent an important added value for what the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) requires in terms of the reintegration of prisoners.

The specific objectives are to improve and promote the use of digital skills for educational purposes in prisons and to develop pedagogical practices in the digital context to be included in prison courses. The project aims at building a solid base of pedagogical and digital skills common to the partner Countries of the project.

The results expected during the project are:

  1. A State of the Art on “the development of the digital era with and without internet in prison in the field of adult education”. This document has two objectives: (a) identify the existing initiatives and the obstacles in the field of the Small Private Offline Course in prison: (b) establish a matrix of the digital skills adapted to the prison context and addressed to the inmates.
  2. A cartography entitled “Digital practices for education in prison: a European overview”. Its main objectives are (a) to make an inventory of the experiments and of the digital practices which have been stabilized with and without internet access in prison; (b) identify the levers and obstacles to their implementation.
  3. A cartography entitled “Being a teacher/trainer in prison: overview of pedagogic methods adapted to the prison context”. The main objective of this cartography is to identify the pedagogic methods developed by teachers/trainers in prison with a focus on the use of digital practices.
  4. A training kit on creation of digital modules for digital learning which will be used by the transnational activities learners as a roadmap between C1 and C2.
  5. A training path made of 4 digital modules in the field of digital education designed by the trainers participating to the transnational training activities. This training path will constitute the content of the training offered within the Local Activity n°2 in Benevento Prison with the inmates.
  6. A training session with learners (inmates) in Benevento Prison based on the training path mentioned above. It will constitute a trial run for the modules in digital education in a prison environment.

We would like to invite you to explore the Website developed especially for SPOC project, in order to find out more details about the project implementation.