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STC – Sustainability through Creativity

Sustenabilitate prin Creativitate

The idea that waste materials can be educational resources

The Sustainability through Creativity (StC) project seeks to address a key aspect of the EU’s Sustainable Development Strategy by raising awareness through education and promote the wealth of educational opportunities that are to be found in sustainable environmental choices.

This project will take hold of a world-class concept – sustainability through creativity – that is practised by ROC Utrecht & develop, extend & transfer it to Romania, Italy, Austria, & the UK.

This project promotes the idea that waste materials can be educational resources. ROCMN collects, exhibits, & offers alternative and reclaimed materials, obtained from unsold stock & rejects or discard materials from industrial & handicraft production, with the aim to reinvent their use & meaning.

The project also aims to raise the standard of child care provision through the introduction of the sustainability through creativity concept into both initial & further training of child carers & by bringing together child care centres & local enterprises based on the Utrecht model.

The consortium comprises 5 training providers with strong transnational experience each of which are partnered by childcare centres. This partnership is supported by a quality adviser & large commercial organisation with excellent credentials in promoting sustainability: Rabobank.

The StC project will be coordinated by ROCMN, a vocational college with extensive experience in managing international projects.

Working closely with its childcare centres, the training providers in the consortium will carry out research to develop a handbook & a workshop model.

The main tangible outcomes are a handbook containing training materials & practical examples of how sustainability through creativity can be put into practice & a flexible workshop model that can be used by trainers & for initial vocational education. These products will be rigorously piloted & tested in each partner country & then showcased in a large exhibition in Utrecht at the end of the project.

The project will also establish at each of the partnership childcare centres a Harvest Map that details those local firms that will contribute materials to the recycling centre based at the childcare facility. This is a model which the project aims to promote through it dissemination activities.

Increased awareness of sustainability amongst trainers, trainees & children as well as an improvement in creativity & quality of child care delivery will be the impact sought by the project’s products.