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What is TrainCoDe?

A two year initiative that started in December 2013, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme, under Leonardo da Vinci action and implemented by the consortium composed of 5 internationally recognized organisations coming from 4 EU countries.

The TrainCoDe project is focused on transferring, customising and localising a training programme (Professional Faculty Programme) developed by ISTUD (Italy). The transfer and adaptation of the above mentioned training programme will allow the intermediary organisations to provide unemployed and retired managers over 45 a tailored training programme to deal with two main challenges:

  • carrier and change management /Managers need support in focusing how and in which new professional context/s their expertise could be exploited and whether such carrier change is consistent with their expectations and personal motivations/characteristics/values.
  • re-integration into a new professional domain/ Managers should be equipped with the needed knowledge/skills/tools for acting their new professional role and should be assisted in transforming into practice the lesson learned into the classroom.

At the same time the programme will enhance the exploitation of elderly managers experience in different contexts, thus facilitating the setting up of cross-fertilization processes among generations. It should also result in improvement of SME competitiveness.

There will be used 3P approach in transfer of know- how:

  • PRODUCT (training programme/methodology/materials/tools)
  • PLACEMENT (adaptation to other countries, fine-tuning and testing)
  • PERFORMANCE (development of capacity of trainers who will work with the products in the partner countries).


The objectives of the project include as follows:

  • to develop, in the resources identified, competencies, skills and methodological knowledge that could complete their professional profile, making it more consistent with training, consultancy and mentoring;
  • to promote the enhancement of managerial skills in contexts other than the business ones;
  • to activate a permanent reflection and an institutional awareness-raising on the role of manager and its function, current and future, in the processes of growth and consolidation of the EU industrial and professional scenario.

Who is aimed at?

The TrainCoDe is targeted at managers over 45 dropped out the labour market (both unemployed or retired), intermediaries (training organisations/business schools), companies, stakeholders supporting the organisations active in the VET sector.

What are the expected outcome?

Programme Toolkit adapted to the national needs composed of:

  • training programme
  • training materials for trainee and trainer for training sessions
  • evaluation and monitoring tools for evaluating the training sessions
  • defined methods and tools for trainings sessions.