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Online courses for teachers to create an inclusive classroom environment

Project code: 2022-2-LT01-KA210-SCH-000101111

Project duration: 2023 – 2024

The project’s aims at helping and educating teachers on how to create an inclusive classroom that will set the foundation of understanding people differences and that people cannot be excluded just for the differences they have from the majority or what most people understand as “normal people”. It is important to start educating children from a young age and to make younger generations more acceptive and skilled to communicate and work with people of different profiles.

Project Partners

Nacionalinė Distancinio Mokymo Asociacija – Lithuania/Project coordinator

Federacion Provincial De Asociaciones De Personas Con Discapacidad Fisica Y Organica De Sevilla-Spain

Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente Timisoara Asociatia-Romania

Baltic Education Technology Institute-Lithuania

Project objectives

The main project objectives that it is eager to reach:

  1. Capitalized attention to creating acceptable community in a classroom
  2. Educate and teach children of the people differences
  3. Improve children with different profiles inclusivity in a classroom
  4. Give “different” children an opportunity to become a valuable member of community, create relationships and gain skills
  5. Raise students’ awareness about diversity in people
  6. Set the foundation for this generation to not divide people by their differences
  7. Reduce bullying, discrimination
  8. Promote that everyone deserves an equal education
  9. Remove the entrenched barrier between the “normal” student and different culture or differently abled ones
  10. Provide teachers with a material/tool that will help to identify strengths and weaknesses of different students
  11. Teach children how to communicate with variety of different profile students that they face in a classroom
  12. Raise awareness about teachers’ mental health and stress they fell when working with the variety of different children and where to find the help when they can feel too much stress.


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