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Young people and SDGs

The Erasmus+ proposal ” Youth  and  Sustainable  Development  Goals  for the  promotion  of inclusion  of people  with  disabilities”  aims  at  contributing  to  the  awareness  of  young  people about Sustainable Development Goals and the promotion of inclusion of people with disabilities, PWD, and it will be done promoting an active dialogue among EU young people with and without disabilities, building future active and aware citizens of the EU.

The project partners have extensive experience in working with young people and people with disabilities in the field of inclusion:


What do we want to achieve by implementing this Erasmus Plus initiative? 

R1. Accesible and online Toolkit to empower young people with disabilities trough the SDGs.

  • Practices and tools for working with young people with and without disabilities in the development of the SDGs”, is addressed to youth workers, and will be  the  theoretical  and  methodological  basis  for  the  whole  implementation of  the  project activities. The aim of this guide is to raise awareness among youth workers about the necessity of  implementing  the  SDGs  for  a  promising  future,  and  the  participation  of  young  people  in cultural,  educational  and  political  activities  taking  into  account  the  inclusion  of  young  people with disabilities as well as the development of their knowledge, skills and competences to carry out  non-formal  educational  activities.


R2: Pilot action –Development of activities to promote the SDGs, addressed to youth workers.

  • These activities will aim to raising awareness of social workers on the need to implement the SDGs, and the adequacy of young people to lead in the promotion  of  the  SDGs,  in  particular  young  people  with  disabilities. In  addition,  through  this activity youth workers will acquire the professional, social and communication skills needed to promote the SDGs and youth participation.


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