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YSS – Young Service Steward Program


The Young Service Steward (YSS) focus on two areas of development:

Support to NEET 25-29 by a 360° competence upgrade in a blend of digital skills, life skills, counselling and employment in a flexible delivery system.

Establish Local employment agreements among the key stakeholder of PES/public/private activation to enforce the 360° competence upgrade.

The purpose of the „Competence Development Program – The 360° competence upgrade” is to develop the 360° upgrade learning programs to the NEET targe group of the YSS Program and secondly to train counsellors, trainers and “employer practice hosts” to strengthen their contribution to the learning and counselling program.

The program includes:

  • DIGITAL LEARNING PROGRAM – can be accessed as a virtual training program and as an on-site program especially for youth in order to secure their digital skills
  • LIFE SKILLS for a sustainable life. The second competence program focus on LIFE SKILLS. The program will consist of a flexible mixture of counselling and learning activities to support the motivation and empowerment of the individual youth. The program will be a PATH-finder program on: Motivation and Empowerment, e-Counselling, Sustain my life (external mentoring, visit and even work-practice periods on how to find a life-track with work, family and social life), Train-the-trainer and counselling training

The “Young Service Steward” follows the aims of the EU Youth Strategy: To engage (NEET youth 25-29) in meaningful civic, economic, social and cultural participation. To connect (NEET youth 25-29) in relations through virtual mobility. To empower (NEET youth 25-29) young people to take charge of their own lives through engagement in quality youth work.

The target group:

  •  NEETs 25-29 of both genders with diverse challenges in 12 different locations in four countries
  • Youth with social challenge and mental challenges and long-term unemployment
  • Ethnic and immigrant youth will also be involved
  • NEET activation programs (EU-wide), who can benefit from tools, methods and cases to ensure the 360° competence upgrade


The project consortium is composed of six organisations from six corners of Europe. Implemented by:


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„The YSS – Young Service Steward Program is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund  for Youth Employment”