This week between 3rd – 6th April 2023 Arci Liguria hosted us in La Spezia in the framework of the Music4Freedom project.

The second training activity was organized with involvement of the local prison administration, being dedicated to partners on project design, possibilities of implementation of an audio editing and mixing studio in prison and validation of competencies.

This second training is a key part of the first outcome of the project where we aim to develop a framework of skills needed for hip hop music production in prison.

One of the training activities focused on prison visits where all participants had the opportunity to meet and interact with the Director of the educational area of the Villa Andreini Casa Circondariale in La Spezia. It’s been an opportunity for an exchange of experiences on the different characteristics of prisons in partners countries. Moreover, we had the pleasure to attend the inmates`showcase who are already using rap music as a tool for expression and growth.

The four days were highly interactive, with time and space for comparison and exchange of practices between partners.

A fundamental step for our project is to assessing skills and find strategies on how to validate them. During the event we also focused on teaching skills that can be used in the job market, as one of our goals is to increase the chances of young people and ex-prisoners finding employment opportunities.