The last learning activity within “The Well Project,” focused on strategic management and evaluation in education, was successfully organized from May 21-23, 2024, in Zlin, Czech Republic.

We had the honor of being joined by representatives from:

  • Centrul Județean de Resurse și Asistență Educațională Timiș
  • Liceul Teoretic Recaș
  • Liceul Teoretic “Coriolan Brediceanu” Lugoj
  • Colegiul National C.D.Loga Timisoara – pagina oficiala
  • Liceul Teoretic „Grigore Moisil” Timișoara

Each day was dedicated to specific activities that contribute to our mission of upskilling school staff to create safe, welcoming, and caring learning environments. Our key activities included:

  • Visit to City Hall, School Management Department: We engaged with local officials and explored the intricacies of school management at the municipal level.
  • Overview of the Czech Education System: We received comprehensive insights into the Czech education system, with a particular focus on strategic planning, human resources, and leadership evaluation.
  • Visits to Schools: Our participants visited various schools, meeting with school counsellors, teachers, and students to understand their practices and challenges.
  • Observations During Lessons: We observed classroom sessions and discussed the possibilities for international cooperation to enhance educational experiences.

This event was a culmination of our efforts to empower educational professionals and foster environments where students can thrive. The insights and experiences shared during this activity will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on our work. Stay tuned for more updates and follow our journey as we continue to improve educational practices across Europe!

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