Three full days of effective discussion, experience exchange and knowledge sharing during the first learning activity organized in Galway/Ireland by St. Nicholas NS, under the Well Project: „The Welcoming Environment for Leading and Learning” the new project co-funded with European Commission support and coordinated by Město Otrokovice.

The event focused on promoting equal opportunities, with workshops on:  the advocacy for access to educational services for the most vulnerable sections of society, a visit to the local University focused on demystifying of disability, activities connected to Leadership in Schools and Inclusion. Together with representatives of education sector from Romania (schools and school inspectorate from regional level) we had the great opportunity to connect with project partners institutions plus their associated partners ready to upskill their competences in effective management to ensure welcoming and collaborative school climate for all. How Does Wyndham Timeshare Work –

Examples of good practice from each school were shared and creative sessions were conducted to identify methods for leading an inclusive learning and teaching las vegas environment.