On 10, 11, 12 October 2022 the first Short Term Joint Staff Training took place in Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by Základní škola Orangery.  

The project training activities were designed to create suitable occasions for participants (school staff, members of partner organizations, experts and specialists in the project theme) to get to know new methods/tools to respond effectively to target group needs as well as to take the first steps in the improvement of a school well-being approach. All project partners were responsible for carrying out the training activities considering their background in the project topic!

The activities under the first day of the training  entitled „Explore new ideas and new opportunities on how to better promote wellbeing and mental health in schools” focused on presentation of several case studies, analysis of different situations, and approaches regarding school well-being and mental health, ice-breaking exercise, world cafe workshop on exploring what stress is and ways to eliminate stressors. 

 In the second day of the training, the dynamic sessions included presentation of different tools and methods to manage stressful situations, and improve well-being, workshop activities, brainstorming, sharing experiences.  

During the last day, the creative sessions and the dynamic activities were connected to assessment and working plan to implement well-being strategy (need assessment tool, survey, steps to take). A tour of the preschool and primary school Orangery introduced participants to aspects as teaching methods that contribute to a positive classroom climate and well-being.  

The three-day training had a vital role in raising awareness about well-being and mental health, exploring steps to reduce the anxiety that pupils and teachers feel about online learning, testing or pandemic situation, and of course, increasing confidence in the educational system at the European level!