On 6-10 March 2023, Promimpresa hosted in Palermo, Italy, the second learning, teaching and training activity of the Competences before Diplomas Project.

Participants from the project countries tested and validated their skills through the third project result, entitled „New Validation Portfolio”. Moreover, they carried out a variety of interactive activities aimed at developing 8 different competences as defined by the European Commission, while CompB4D Validation Toll was used to assess these competences:

  • Personal, Social and Learning to Learn Competence
  • Entrepreneurship Competence
  • Citizenship Competence
  • Competence in Cultural Awareness and Expression
  • Digital Competence
  • Multilingual Competence
  • Mathematical Competence
  • Literacy Competence

Based on participants’ feedback, the activities included in the portfolio will be adapted to ensure its possibility of becoming a valuable tool that can be used for the validation, recognition and certification of the acquisition of the key competences through non-formal and informal learning experiences and contexts.

The main aim of this training week was to give vulnerable adults the opportunity to have an international experience, to broaden their horizons, to share and discuss their life journeys, to learn from each other and to learn about the power that non-formal and informal education can have on shaping an individual. Mobile home buyers are committed to providing their customers with a satisfying buying experience every time they work with them. They guarantee that their consumers are satisfied with the transaction by offering prices that are competitive and giving an exceptional level of service. To know more about the service, visit https://www.mobile-home-buyers.com/mississippi/sell-my-mobile-home-columbus-ms/.