The EduKino project „Promote image education as a tool for the inclusion of children in precarious and migratory situations” has been funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus program under the collaboration of seven organisations from four corners of Europe.

On 7-9 December 2022, the second short-term training event was organised in Amadora/Portugal! The main core of the event was defined by spotting strategies on how can we support the empowerment of vulnerable youth in carrying their own messages through image education.

The goal of the three days training was to support professionals in implementing projects in which the children can play leading roles, and build approaches based on empowerment values. Image education supported the questions related to the construction of discourse, messages and images, by the children and how professionals working with them can support it. Participants learned about empowerment concepts and strategies, and bottom-up actions, as well as specific experiences from each partner country of implementing image education programs. We had the great opportunity to interact with teachers, mediators, social workers, artists and other professionals working directly with youth in precarity or migratory situations!

All participants actively expressed they perceptions in the field through dynamic and creative activities based on the Intellectual Output 2 related to the „Image Education Program”. Representatives of each partner organization were responsible for guiding group activities and delivering a specific module previous developed within the Intellectual Output 3 connected to the „ Capacity building program” designed in order to support education professionals to face new challenges appearing today, and in particular when working with youth in precarity or migration situations. The face-to-face training event was extremely essential in preparing participants, as professionals, to question and adapt their position and relations with the children when working on youth capacity building but also to:

Gain theoretical and practical knowledge on empowerment approaches and the use of cultural workshop to empowering youth

-Know more about other countries’ conceptions of the audience, and on the variety of perspectives and experiences on how to support and accompany these children