The short term joint staff training event within the Creating Wellbeing project was organized on 22,23 and 24 February 2023 and hosted in Almeria/Spain by the Asociación de Estudios Almerienses. Participants in the tree day „training system for workers in creative and emotional skills” learned about the tools developed as part of the four project outcomes on creating well-being and how to implement them with teachers, trainers and educational staff as well as how to use them in emotional environment.

Each day was dedicated to a specific outcome of the project, to highlight what we developed and how to work with these resources in interacting with representatives of the target group. The group dynamics focused on creative workshops and group work related to emotional skills to identify fear, sadness, loneliness, anxiety and creative strategies to address them with older people in the COVID19 environment.

Moreover, through interactive activities, the Creating Wellbeing training aimed to guide teachers to gain and improve knowledge and skills by using the audio training modules (Podcast) and the animated presentations already developed by the LA detox project partners.

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