The Short term joint staff training event within the IMPRO was organized during three days between 5-7 December 2022 and hosted in Palermo by CEIPES, our project partner from Italy. Dedicated members from each school and organisation in the partner countries who work with the school community learned how to train other educators / facilitators on intellectual outputs 2 and 3 (especially) developed during the project based on traditional stories for inclusion.

 The educators/facilitators/trainers who participated in the workshop will instruct other facilitators in their own countries of origin to assure the sustainability of the project.

The second Intellectual Output IO2 is entitled „IMPROVISATION FOR CREATIVITY” and the third Intellectual Output IO3 includes the „STRUCTURE OF IMPRO STORIES”, the aims of the learning activity being to:

1. to teach/train educators/facilitators in the implementation of these project results and

2. to evaluate the quality of these results and to collect the feedback for improvement.

Each representative of the project partner organisations was responsible for delivering specific dynamic sessions to engage participants in practical activities that would help them in their future actions in specific school contexts.