Between October 20-22, Centrul pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente organized the short-term joint Staff Training Event within the Erasmus Plus project “The SEN Toolkit”: Greater inclusivity provision for SEN students in mainstream classrooms”. The online Staff training event replaced the face-to-face activity of the project partners in Timisoara, Romania.

On the first day of the online event, the practical activity was conducted by YORK ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED and focused on the following perspective: Inspiration – how to give students with SEN needs greater inclusion, motivation, and greater integration in the workforce later in life. The activity was based on the First Intellectual Output of the project, entitled „SEN BLUEPRINT”: pedagogical framework for a digital learning course, dedicated to teachers in order to design learning programs to work with learners with SEN

ELT JAM LEARNING LIMITED and York Associates International Ltd from the UK conducted the practical activity on the second day of the online training, focusing on how to address negative stigma around SEN and how to create a sense of social inclusion for classroom teachers and teaching assistants in mainstream classroom. The interactive activity was linked to the second Intellectual Output of the project, entitled „SEN TOOLKIT”, a digital learning course that offers a chance to learn how to make classrooms more inclusive places for people with SEN.

Babel Idiomas from Spain was the project partner responsible for leading the practical session on the last day of the short-term joint Staff Training Event. The training activities focused on how to differentiate between effective communication and miscommunication (in the classroom and daily life as well) but also emotional connection. The Soft skills Guide (IO3) was introduced to all participants allowing an interactive session for sharing ‘’fresh’’ ideas.